by Jonah Sissoyev

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released May 3, 2015

Guitar and Vocals: Jonah Sissoyev. Electric guitar, Rhodes, Bass and Backing Vocals: Wess Willis. Background vocals: Erica Escalante. Drums: Justin Abel. Recorded and Mixed at Tone Lab studios by Justin Abel.

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Jonah Sissoyev Portland, Oregon

Born and raised in Portland Oregon I have drawn inspiration from the mountains that surround and the vast Oregon coastlines.

When I am not playing music you can usually find me working on my vintage trucks, practicing my "listening skills" or trying to get lost on back roads. I hope to see you somewhere along the way

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Track Name: Run out
I kicked and pushed
Yelled and swore
Said you were lying
Ran out the door

Washed my hands
The deed was done
Fed myself
Drank illusion

I dug a hole
I made it deep
White washed tombs
In secrecy

Burned my birth rite
And bridges too
Gathered fig leaves
To hide from you

Oh lord, have mercy, on my soul
Been running, growing cold
Uncover my, face
Burry, my head, in your embrace.

My clothing stained
Split and torn
Tilling the ground
From which I was born

hear my wages
Screaming out
Haunting deficit
Broken waterspout

I can’t stop
Fighting for time
Cheap addiction
Cigarettes and wine

what I would pay
For a new name
Sweetest freedom
Dawning of day
Track Name: Out to sea
When I think back makes me sigh
acre of land planted in the country side
crooked river lined with filbert trees
fashioned my heart with eyes to see.

Watch the sparrows rise up to take flight
Triangles shapes fill up the sky
They cant hide it Secret of the breeze
Swift movement, without striving.

I am pushed out to sea
Dry land is far beneath
Watch the coastal trees, shrink
Like toy soldiers left out on the beach.
If I called out would they be listening

The stories of conquest and courageous men
Locked in antique novels shelved in my head.
Transcontinental paths, echo through my memory
Steps that I take write my story.

Let the stars come out show their face
On the wet horizon made of waves.
Constellations proved and clear
Draw out your arms, bring me near.

Let the thunder filled clouds gather around.
I can trade my fear, pound for pound
Let the winds howl their voices accusations too
carry my boat home to you.
Track Name: Peach
We all fight uphill battles, in valleys of our heads
Running from our past, reaching for a breath.

We all need a helping hand, welfare of mankind.
Warm blanket of words, to be on our side.

Come feel my skin
I am flesh and blood
Wild imperfections
We all try to out run

My heart like peach
Injures so easily
I believe
Please help My unbelief.
Help my unbelief

We get lost in our dead ends, half awake needing a friend.
hold us in the dark of night, hold our hands when we want to fight.

Have a little faith in me
When I don’t believe myself.
Paper back book
Left on the shelf.

Been to the edge (Pull me out of the river)
As far as I can see (When I am caught in the rain)
I will never be perfect
But I will always be free.
Track Name: Buried tomorrows.
Oh death how took me a-way from my tent
gathered items and the time that you lent
strangers hands carry my furniture out
swept up the floors cluttered with my own doubt

Anxiety spilled out of the brown paper bag.
stained all the floors and the chairs that we sat in.
Marble night stands with my dusty old lamp
lit the way of our hearts and feeble hands

the piano like a summer fling,
Sits out on the curb
with no song left to sing.

teach us to number our days
measure all the moments we let pass away
time is no respecter of men pulls us forward without consent

so will my days be filled with love
my eyes with grace?
Or disappointing memories
Of better days
Oh if I could start again
Wave all my rights
Cut out my buried thoughts
And stupid fights
Track Name: Empty house
I was running with a pack of wolves
Empty hearts companion of fools

Broke my teeth on the chains that held
My heart was broken, from what I felt

Predators by day predators by night
Circle around me, the company of fright.

All alone thought I was free
Hunting for food shaking at the knees

Call me lovely ill never be alone
Call me beautiful you be my home.

The cold that I laid with, in my sleep
Was a cold reminder, of all that I need

Of simple truth simple love
That won my heart when I was young

So tried to work prove myself
White knuckled scarred as hell.

That I couldn’t sit shouldn’t sleep
Tried my best to earn my keep.

Call me lovely ill never be alone
Call me beautiful you be my home.

I will bury my tears where only you can see
Behind doors lock and key.
I was empty house filled with ghost
Wandering up and down barren the coast.

You taught my mouth to sing
You taught my heart to believe.
I was a dead man you see
You came and revived me.

You taught my arms, how to hold
You taught my mouth, to be bold.
I was a dead man you see
you came and revived me.